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Monday, 6 September 2010

The Broke & The Bookish blog & giveaway

It would probably be the understatement of the year to say that my blog here is coming along very slowly. I know I need to procrastinate and criticise less, and actually start posting more. Looking at other blogs has given me inspiration, but nothing has made me want to pull my act together more than what I have just found.

The Broke and the Bookish is a blog run by college aged young men and women with a love for reading. The blog is very cool, I must admit, with a good variety of regular contributors. And get this, in just two months the blog has gained OVER 200 FOLLOWERS! I was so put to shame. I started my blog a month ago now and I am nowhere near achieving this number. So I have made this post to congratulate The Broke and the Bookish on this wonderful achievement, and to support a wonderful fellow book blog (not that they need my support, really. Totally the other way around).

The good news doesn't stop there, however. To celebrate their wonderful achievement the Broke and Bookish bloggers are holding a 200 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY! You only have until 7TH SEPTEMBER to enter so pay attention:

There are FIVE PRIZES to be won. Each prize consists of a set of books, and you may enter for more than one prize, but only once per prize. AND the contest is INTERNATIONAL. Great isn't it? So what are you still doing here then? get over to their site, congratulate them on their followers and enter now for your chance to win!


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  1. This is the nicest post I've ever seen! Thank you so much! It means alot to us at The Broke and the Bookish! Good luck on the contest! I hope the Random Number Generator gods are with you! :)


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