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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Guest Post: Department 19 by Will Hill + Competition

Possibly one of the biggest fans of Will Hill and Department 19, KamzKool is a young school-aged blogger and motoring fanatic. Will Hill's novel instantly captured him, and his super-fan-status was sealed when he was able to attend the secret event to celebrate the second book in the series, The Rising.  KamzKool has been kind enough to share on EBT a few words on his favourite book and the event he loved so much. Also there's a competition at the end to WIN YOUR OWN COPY!

Department 19 by Will Hill

Post by KamzKool

When teenager Jamie Carpenter's dad is killed by black clad figures and his mum is kidnapped by strange creatures, life changes for this boy as he is drafted into the supernatural world of Department 19 inside the world's most secret military base. Luckily Department 19 can provide Jamie with the most hi-tech weapons to kill the vampires who want him dead, and train him to hunt down the monster who has his mum.

I personally enjoyed the fact that this book has a balanced scale of mystery and thriller action. My favourite character if Frankenstein - a monstrous beast with a kind and hearty personality who has an oath to protect the Carpenter family..

Also the front cover of this book instantly made me want to read it. It looks similar to the second book of Department 19 series (The Rising ) but with extra details, and I think it is good that they kept the same theme. I think the hardback overs are more impressive than the paperback covers. I would recommend this book for children agedv13 upwards as it has violence and scary scenes.

My overall reaction to this book is SUPERB and I would read it again.

Department 19 The Rising - Secret Event at the National Army Museum (it is safe to reveal the location at last) 

The event was awsome as we were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to enter the secret world of Department 19, and meet the man who introduced it publicly to the world, Will Hill.

We were also able to meet the Black Light Operatives, dressed in their full gear, protecting Will Hill. They took their jobs very seriously, and at first I thought they were statues holding their T-bones drawn at their hips.

Will Hill spoke to us and we watched a scary video of vampires which then led to a quiz about the short footage we had seen. Afterwards each attendant was awarded with a hardback copy of Department 19: The Rising and a poster, both of which I asked Will Hill to sign for me.

Only one word can describe this event: EXHILARATING.

You can find out more on Will Hill's official blog or by following him on Twitter. I also recommend the Department 19 website.

Thank you to KamzKool for his brilliant post. Now you can win a copy of this awesome book, too, by answering the question below (answer is in KamzKool's blogpost): 

Who is KamzKool's favourite character from Department 19?

Answer in the comments below for a chance to win a new paperback copy of Department 19. This competition is open to anyone withint the UK and Ireland aged 13 years old and over, and ends on June 30th 2012 at 5pm. Minors under 18 years old must request parental permission. Comments will be revealed after the competition ends (so there'll be no peeking!).


  1. His favourite character is Frankenstein.

    Thanks for the opportunity :-)

    Jenny O'Gorman

  2. Frankenstein. Oh,and by the way, the frankenstein you see in the book is the same one as Mary Shelley's monster. He hasn't just been named after him.

  3. Hi, just wondering what happened with this competition? I know it closed on 30th June & I'm guessing I wasn't lucky enough to win, but I haven't spotted anything on your blog about it. Congratulations to the winner & thank you for the opportunity!


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