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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Calling Book Bloggers & Aspiring Writers

I am very blessed to be doing the thing I love most in the world - working with books and literature, in a company that shares my vision and ethos. At Jacaranda Books I am currently managing my own list (I know, so exciting!) which affords me two great privileges: 1. to share the books I love with all you wonderful readers and 2. to provide opportunities to great writers.

So first, to the readers. This month will see us publish The Colour Black by Maia Walczak and I am seeking bloggers and book reviewers to interview, write about and hold competitions and giveaways.

A unique take on the American road novel, The Colour Black is the story of a talented, colour-blind, feisty young woman Silvia Cruz. Silvia lives a quiet but comfortable existence in San Diego as an artist, drawing abstracts and nudes. Then  comes Jack; free-spirited, athletic and a lawyer with a love for wild swimming, he is different from her other models, and though resistant to love or meaningful relationships, Silvia soon finds herself drawn to him.

One day Silvia begins to open up to Jack about her past life, growing up in Mexico amid drug wars and corruption, until she reveals a secret so grave that it drives the two out of town. Together they travel across the breathtaking landscapes of America towards Alaska, searching for truth, freedom and adventure, all the while unravelling the mysteries of life,  the universe and their own existence. But will they find the answers they are seeking, and will Silvia ever open her heart to love?

The author Maia Walczak is a truly exciting new British talent. Author, illustrator and artist, she was born and raised in London to Polish parents, and has travelled extensively through Latin America, Australia and Europe. In life and in art Maia is concerned with nature and the philosophy of human existence, and she has built a fan base for her artwork, holding exhibitions for her work. The Colour Black, which includes some of Maia’s gorgeous illustrations, is her first novel for adults.

We have copies of this beautiful book to give away so if you are interested in interviewing Maia, or would like to post a review of The Colour Black, get in touch below or email jazzmine[at]jacarandabooksartmusic.co.uk.

Secondly for you talented writers out there: I am building a commercial fiction list at Jacaranda Books with a particular interest in crime fiction (my first love) and commercial women's fiction (notice, I did not use the term 'chick-lit') with ethnically diverse characters and protagonists. My first book in this list is Satans and Shaitans by Nigerian author Obinna Udenwe, a political-religious conspiracy publishing in October.

In terms of what I am looking for in crime, it can be psychological crime, procedurals, mysteries or historical - anyone who knows me will know I love them ALL - and for women's fiction, think of Terry McMillan's novels. I am really looking for diverse representation without falling into stereotypes, in other words I do not expect all the ethnic minority characters to be criminals living on an estate - I want characters diverse in every way: career, class, social status, style, personality.

Our ethos is all about diversity, so I welcome authors from every cultural, ethnic and racial background (though I read in English). Get in touch!

Good luck all!

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